Austin & Carrie
Our son Ewan started 4 weeks ago in the Little Room.
His brother Liam who is in the kindergarten now had also spent 2 years in Grace Childcare.
The reason that we decided to come back to the centre is because we know it's a place that we can trust (although it takes us 1.5 hours to commute).
Liam had separation anxiety when he first started and took a long time to settle in.
The carers were always very patient in calming him and helped him overcome it.
During those 2 years we could see him build up self-confidence and feeling more secure when he was alone, and even forming friendships with other children.
I think Grace is different from other new fancy centres with modern facilities and organic kids meals. Grace is a small place where children can feel warm and cared for, and the carers are professional and experienced.
Alison Lee
I wanted to thank you again for the combined eight years that my two children, Ava and Hamish, were in your care at The Grace. I know they thoroughly enjoyed their time there and will always think of you, the teachers, their friends and The Grace with great fondness.
I always appreciated the structure you implemented at The Grace, as well as the caring and nurturing manner of the teachers. The children’s days were full of activities but I was also glad for them to have time to enjoy being children and learn through play. Both children felt confident and secure by spending so much of their early childhood years in such an environment and were well-prepared for the transition to primary school. And of course, they loved Emerita’s cooking!
Thank you to you and your team for helping to provide such a great start to my children’s lives.
My son has been enrolled at the Grace for over a year now, since the age of 20 months, and over this period we have seen him blossom in both his physicality and socialisation and a large part of that is thanks to the Grace. We have found the educators without exception to be caring, nurturing and concerned with the emotional wellbeing of our child- he has formed strong attachments to many of them which makes drop off times a lot less stressful. The staff develop age-group specific learning programs which change regularly to keep the children interested, stimulated and engaged with their environment. The high teacher-student ratio makes us feel assured that our son will always have a great level of care. The centre is always clean, tidy and well stocked with books and toys. Centre manager Pamela is intensely involved with progress of each child and overseeing the staff along with the ongoing process of bettering the centre.  At annual parent-teacher meetings we are presented with an-depth overview of our son’s progress and plan for the following year, and at the end of the year each parent takes home a gorgeous individual book of photos and craft from the year’s activities. I have great confidence in the Grace to provide the right care for my child up until his school years.
Alex Bowen
The Grace Childcare Centre positively supported the preparedness of both my children for their transition into primary school. 
The program's focus on social and emotional development helped build the children’s confidence, and has enabled them to fully embrace the experience of going to ‘big school’. 
I am grateful to both Pamela and the staff for the exceptional level of care they provided us over many years-thank you!
The Grace is a nurturing warm caring long daycare centre we already can see a huge growth in both our kids who love attending the centre since January.
Dealing with Pamela and the staff is a pleasure, we always feel welcomed to speak with any of them in regards to any concerns questions or feedback we may have.
During the first few weeks we were reassured by the educators calling us daily to let us know how our kids were doing that day-we found it extremely helpful in knowing our kids are well looked after and in good hands. As busy working parents it is one less thing to stress about.
Everyone is cheerful smiling and helpful in keeping your child best interest at heart we are happy being part of The Grace family and would highly recommend this wonderful centre to anyone.
Maya Shaaked
Simply the Best choice I have made for my son.
When you come to pick up your child and he asks you to “stay a bit longer”
You know he is Happy and in good hands
Carers are amazing, true professionals, food served is healthy and freshly
made on the day, the centre is sparkling clean and so is your child.
The Pre-School program will make sure your child will be well prepared and even ahead at Year K.
Every mum and dad’s dream comes true.
Clementson Park, Newland St
02 9387 2769
...............providing Education and Care for infants to 6 years